Hello LFA church family:


This letter is to inform you of a great ministry opportunity beginning once again on January 4, 2015. What is the ministry? Kingdom Builders!


In 2011, the Kingdom Builders ministry was birthed here at LFA. Since the completion of the Family Life Center, our operating expenses have almost doubled (mortgage, utilities, etc.). This has made things really tight on the church budget, limiting -- or stopping -- necessary church up-keep and future projects. 


Since Kingdom Builders began this ministry has made a huge impact and for that I say, “Thank You!” Because of Kingdom Builder’s generosity, we were able to complete the following projects that would have been almost impossible without their help:


Completed Projects: 100” screen, projector, and new sound system for kid’s church. We finished the kitchen, cabinets, countertops, and appliances (two stoves, two microwaves, two dishwashers, fridge, and a chest freezer). We installed the ball pads in the gym, bought 12 new white round tables, and 172 chairs for dinners (four rolling racks). We were also able to bless our teens with a new keyboard and projector. Kingdom Builders made it possible to buy a new projector for the main sanctuary, six new wireless mics for the praise team, a much needed facelift on our church sign, and installation of the alarm system.


Current Projects: Currently, we are painting all the walls in the fellowship hall, foyer, and sanctuary. New carpet has been ordered for the fellowship hall, along with new door hardware and signage to match the new building. This project will also include new furniture for the lobby. 


Future Projects: Looking into the future, we are hoping to re-carpet in the sanctuary, replace the tile in foyer, and purchase new furniture for classrooms. We are hoping to purchase a new playground for kids, soundproof the gym (to eliminate the echo), along with buying a volleyball set-up, and surveillance cameras for the gym area. We are also wanting to build a storage area for tables and chairs, purchase more tables and chairs, along with installing a canopy above the outside gym doors, new gutters and down spouts on the old building, along with the completion of rails on concrete wall. We would also like to acquire an ice machine for the kitchen, along with a washer and dryer.


Dream Projects:  New LED church sign.  New church Bus.


So what is a Kingdom Builders? A Kingdom Builder is a like-minded individual who gives over and above their tithes to grow the Kingdom of God. For the past few years, we have had, on average, approximately 35 givers. Just imagine, if you will, what we could accomplish if everybody participated. We don’t ask anyone to do everything, just that everyone do something.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider joining us and becoming part of the LFA Kingdom Builders ministry! We are asking folks to make a 12 month commitment beginning January 4th, 2015.


For your convenience there are four levels of giving.

  • Bronze - $100 year giver = $9.00 month/$2 week
  • Silver - $300 year giver = $25.00 month/$6 week
  • Gold - $500 year giver = $42.00 month/$10 week
  • Platinum - $1,000 year giver = $84 month/$20 week

o    Amounts are rounded up to the next dollar. 


What do Kingdom Builders receive?

  • Kingdom Builders will receive quarterly giving and spending reports.
  • Free Annual Kingdom Builders Banquet (December 2015).
  • Future updates on Kingdom Builders projects.

To make giving to Kingdom Builders easy, click here!  


Thank you and God Bless,


Pastor Wendell Johnson



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